Radio advertisement

I found this advertisement for a random radio station. I visually like it because it’s simple yet powerful. The visuals catch my eye and it is to the point. I also liked the fact that there isn’t a lot of copy.

However, I don’t think this ad is very clear. It leaves me wondering what the broadcasts are about. Maybe if I were from Greenwich I would understand better but for a random person I am left confused.

This ad may convince me to tune in and listen to the Lower East Side radio… or not.



Popstar! media kit

Online media kits are much more fun and relaxed than the traditional media kits. I found the kit for Popstar!, which is a teen entertainment magazine. It features celebrities, musicians and everything pop culture.

I was attracted to this particular media kit for several reasons. I liked the colors used, the simplicity and the easy navigation. The contents they decided to include was interesting to me. There was a nontraditional fact sheet, a feature story and numerous other aspects.

One thing I’m shocked they didn’t include was a video. For such a pop culture magazine, I would expect there to be interviews of celebs or clips of musical artists. However, I thought the media kit did a great job of including other various aspects.


News Release on Taylor Swift

This news release did a good job of getting to the point. All the sentences and paragraphs were short, which made it easier for me to read and understand. I also liked how the release itself was short. It took me about a minute total to read. If you can’t tell by now, I’m all about the shortness of stories!

I didn’t like how after about the fourth paragraph the release started to change its focus. I was reading about her new songs and who she gave money to instead of reading about the school for the deaf. The release could’ve been cut off sooner.

This news release was interesting for me to read because I actually had no idea about this story. If I were a journalist, then I would for sure want to get more details on this story.